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The CentroidHomfold Web-server (CentroidHomfold-LAST) predicts an RNA secondary structure of an input (target) sequence by employing automatically collected homologous sequences of the target. The method used in this Web-server is based on a combination of two previously published software by our group: CentroidHomfold (Hamada et al., Bioinformatics 25(12): i330-i338, 2009) and LAST (Frith et al., BMC Bioinformatics 11:80, 2010). FASTA and one-sequence-in-a-line format are accepted for predicting a secondary structure per sequence. In general, CentroidHomfold-LAST achieves better accuracy than conventional secondary structure predictions. Currently, the input sequence should be less than or equal to 500 bases. For more information, here is a Help page. A standalone pipeline system is also available here

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