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Project Specific Custom Tracks

Human Mar. 2006 Assembly

ncRNA Prediction and Mapping Tracks

track name description items
fRNAdb::RNAz fRNAdb::RNAz track 36,158
fRNAdb::EvoFold fRNAdb::EvoFold track 47,804
fRNAdb::snoRNA fRNAdb::snoRNA track 1,070
fRNAdb::rRNA fRNAdb::rRNA track 54
fRNAdb::tRNA fRNAdb::tRNA track 81
fRNAdb::piRNA fRNAdb::piRNA track 39,609
fRNAdb::snRNA fRNAdb::snRNA track 200
fRNAdb::Misc fRNAdb::Misc track 5,247
fRNAdb::fly smallRNA fRNAdb::fly small-RNA track 4,929
RNAz folds Secondary structure annotation of RNAz 114,962
antisense ChenJ NAR2004 Sense-antisense pairs among UCSC known genes 295
snoSeeker snoSeeker [Lifted from hg17] 322
QRNA predictions mammalian ncRNAs predicted with QRNA 3,377
intronic ncRNAs Human intronic noncoding RNAs 67,729
Sasaki and Hirose 150 ncRNA candidates 150 ncRNA candidates by Sasaki, Y.T.F. et al. (2007) BBRC 357:991-6 153
Jones and Eddy ncRNAs ncRNAs from T.A. Jones, S.R. Eddy [Lifted from hg16] 7,218
RNPomics RederstorffM NAR2010 RNPomics RederstorffM NAR2010 1,051

Misc Genomic Element Tracks

track name description items
Indel-conserved segments Human/Mouse/Dog Indel-based Conservation 593,287
Ultra Conserved 17way 100% conserved elements in 17 vertebrates 1,388
Transposon Free Region Transposon-Free Region 10,154
Histone Enrichment Transcription Start Site (H3K4me3 enriched site) 57,655
Fragile Sites Fragile Sites by GENATLAS 129
Enhancer Candidates Conserved non-conding elements tested for enhancer activity in transgenic mice 276
Tissue specific enhancer candidates Predicted tissue-supecific enhancers and target loci 7,472
PReMod CRMs Putative transcriptional cis-regulatory modules (PReMod) 123,510
Alu Alu repeat family 1,193,407
pseudo conservation pseudo conservation 104,953
Lamina Associated Domain Lamina associated domains by Lars Guelen et al. 1,344
predicted splice sites Predicted splice sites by Gunnar et al. -

miRNA-related Tracks

track name description items
Known miRNAs known miRNAs 1,244
Predicted miRNAs predicted miRNAs 11,616
Known targets Experimentally verified miRNA target sites 233
Predicted targets predicted miRNA target sites 2,384,525
miRNA Atlas Mammalian miRNA Expression Atlas 992
fRNAdb::pre-miRNA fRNAdb::pre-miRNA track 744
fRNAdb::mature-miRNA fRNAdb::mature-miRNA track 907

ncRNA Candidate Probe Tracks

track name description items
Human Accelerated Region Probe of Human Accelerated Region 133
Inverted Duplication Probe of Inverted Duplication 56
RNAmine Probe of RNAmine 277
Rfam Seed mappable Probe of Rfam Seed mappable 581
Ultra Low Z score Region Probe of Ultra Low Z score Region 118
miRRim Probe of miRRim 766
SelfChain RNAz EST Probe of SelfChain RNAz EST 9,839
SelfChain RNAz Washietl Probe of SelfChain RNAz Washietl 16,516
snoRNA Probe of snoRNA 387
SynSeg Probe of SynSeg 12,939
Ultra Conserved Region Probe of Ultra Conserved Region 3,752
Known Gene Probe of Known Gene 40,586

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