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  • Secondary Structure
Evidence Mapping [blat]
blat with identity=99, coverage=90 and no-repeat
ID FR069419
Description precursor micro RNA (miRNA) mir-155
Sequence Ontology pre_miRNA
Homo sapiens human , man
Genome Mapping
human(hg18)           1 region chr21:25868163-25868227(+) 
Cross Reference
RNAdb v2.0 EVF47793
miRBase v9.2 MI0000681
Gene Association / Sense Overlap / 3'UTR
human(hg18) NR_001458 (uc002yll.1 ), AF402776 (uc002ylm.2 )
Sequence Similarity

MicroArray / Affymetrix GeneChip Exon Array / hg18
ProbeTranscript ClusterProbe Locus
488461 3916508  chr21:25868163-25868187(+) 
4054893 3916508  chr21:25868171-25868195(+) 
1279894 3916508  chr21:25868186-25868210(+) 
2080810 3916508  chr21:25868194-25868218(+) 

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