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Evidence Mapping [RNAz]
extracted from RNAz track on Genome Browser@hg18
ID FR164310
Description Putative conserved noncoding region (RNAz)
Sequence Ontology nc_conserved_region
Homo sapiens human , man
Genome Mapping
human(hg18)           1 region chr17:25468192-25468351(+) 
Cross Reference
RNAdb v2.0 RNZ15031
Gene Association / Sense Overlap / Intron
human(hg18) CCDC55 (uc002heu.1 , uc002hev.1 )
Gene Association / Sense Overlap / 3'UTR
human(hg18) CS266996 (uc002hew.1 )
Sequence Similarity

MicroArray / Affymetrix GeneChip Exon Array / hg18
ProbeTranscript ClusterProbe Locus
3936752 3716337  chr17:25468246-25468270(+) 
854637 3716337  chr17:25468296-25468320(+) 

MicroArray / Invitrogen Ncode Noncoding RNA Array / hg18
ProbeTarget TranscriptProbe Locus
IVGNh30660 UC002HEW  chr17:25468222-25468282(+) 

Mapping of conserved RNA secondary structures predicts thousands of functional noncoding RNAs in the human genome.
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RNAdb--a comprehensive mammalian noncoding RNA database.
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