• Summary
  • Sequence
  • Secondary Structure
Evidence Sequence Similarity [highly similar]
Almost same sequences with one mismatch or one gap
ID FR185444
Description transfer RNA (tRNA), GTT (Asn/N) Asparagine
Accession AL591493
Sequence Ontology tRNA
Homo sapiens human , man
Genome Mapping
(mapping suppressed due to excessive repeat)
Cross Reference
Rfam v8.1 RF00005
Sequence Similarity
highly similar FR386583   transfer RNA (tRNA), GTT (Asn/N) Asparagine

tRNAscan-SE: a program for improved detection of transfer RNA genes in genomic sequence.
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The tertiary structure of tRNA and the development of the genetic code.
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Trends Biochem Sci 18 (10), 362-4 (1993)