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Evidence Mapping [blat]
blat with identity=99, coverage=90 and no-repeat
Evidence Sequence Similarity [highly similar]
Almost same sequences with one mismatch or one gap
ID FR315875
Description C/D box guide small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) SNORD113 / SNORD114
Accession AL117190
Sequence Ontology C_D_box_snoRNA
Homo sapiens human , man
Genome Mapping
human(hg18)           1 region chr14:100434010-100434085(+) 
Cross Reference
Rfam v8.1 RF00181
Gene Association / Sense Overlap / 3'UTR
human(hg18) NR_003080 (uc001yih.1 )
Sequence Similarity
highly similar FR036844   C/D box small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) 14q(0) / SNORD112

MicroArray / Affymetrix GeneChip Exon Array / hg18
ProbeTranscript ClusterProbe Locus
1886123 3552239  chr14:100434059-100434083(+) 

MicroArray / Invitrogen Ncode Noncoding RNA Array / hg18
ProbeTarget TranscriptProbe Locus
IVGNh29236 UC001YIH  chr14:100434015-100434075(+) 

Identification of tandemly-repeated C/D snoRNA genes at the imprinted human 14q32 domain reminiscent of those at the Prader-Willi/Angelman syndrome region.
Cavaillé J.,Seitz H.,Paulsen M.,Ferguson-Smith AC. and Bachellerie JP.
Hum Mol Genet 11 (13), 1527-38 (2002)