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Evidence Mapping [RNAz]
extracted from RNAz track on Genome Browser@hg18
ID FR395646
Description Putative conserved noncoding region (RNAz)
Sequence Ontology nc_conserved_region
Homo sapiens human , man
Genome Mapping
human(hg18)           1 region chr14:100363224-100363372(+) 
Cross Reference
RNAdb v2.0 RNZ11975
Gene Association / Sense Overlap / Intron
human(hg18) FP504 (uc001yhv.2 , uc001yhw.2 , uc001yhx.2 , uc001yhy.2 , uc001yhz.2 , uc001yia.2 , uc001yib.2 , uc001yic.2 , uc001yie.2 , uc010avz.1 )
Sequence Similarity

Mapping of conserved RNA secondary structures predicts thousands of functional noncoding RNAs in the human genome.
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Nat Biotechnol 23 (11), 1383-90 (2005)
RNAdb--a comprehensive mammalian noncoding RNA database.
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