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Currently, Idiographica Has Email Delivery Problem.It will take several hours to deliver emails. I am investigating this problem.

Version 2.3 (Updated Feb., 2015) Now supports hg38 Human genome.

Idiographica is a web server for you to create your own idiogram. Please fill the following web form and click on the submit button. The Idiographica server will send you an email to notify the completion of the idiogram creation task. You can use the generated idiograms without any restriction or obligation.

Please see sample idiograms

Idiographica: a general-purpose web application to build idiograms on-demand for human, mouse and rat
Kin T and Ono Y, Bioinformatics 2007; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btm455
Sample idiographica generated idiogram (whole shot) Sample idiographica generated idiogram (zoom up)
Whole shot Zoom up

  • E-mail address (required)

  • Species (currently, human, mouse, rat and fruit fly are available)

  • Chromosome

    Automatic (display only chromosomes that have mapping information.)
    (please specify a list of chromosomes separated by commas e.g. "chr1,chr21,chrX".)

  • Background (varieties of band infomation rendered a la cytogenetic band. More help)

    Strand-sensitivity: ON OFF
    Log-scale: ON OFF
    Gradation: Black->White Red->Green Red->Blue Red->Green->Blue Bar

  • Annotation (title, legend, and mapping information)

    If you need, you can add the title, legend, and mapping information to your idiogram.
    Please create a description file and upload it.
    The description file follows a simple format which is described at the description format specification. --- Please read this first.

  • Font

    Bitstream Vera Sans Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bitstream Vera Serif Courier
    URW Bookman L URW Chancery L URW Gothic L URW Palladio L

  • Other configuration

    Size (200dpi): Sample portrait idiogram Sample landscape idiogram
    Format: PNG PDF
    Orientation: Vertical Horizontal
    Annotation: ON OFF
    3D shading: ON OFF Portrait (e.g., A4) Landscape (e.g., A4R)
    Sample vertival idiogram Sample horizontal idiogram
    Vertical Horizontal


Development of Idiographica server was financially supported by "the Functional RNA Project" funded by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Idiographica server has been run by RNA Informatics Team, Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC) a division of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

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