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Bioinformatics Tools and Databases for Functional RNA Analysis is the portal site for bioinformatics tools and databases spcialized for functional RNAs. The developments in this cite were partially supported by "The Functional RNA Project" funded by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan.

When Web Servers for CentroidFold and CentroidHomfold return errors, please use instead Rtools that includes various software tools. Please note that more recent versions of the software are used in Rtools, and that the results are not completely same.

RNA secondary structure prediction
Use Rtools if fails.


Results of various analysis on RNA secondary structures in one page!

Prediction of RNA secondary structure by using homologous sequences
Use Rtools if fails.

Active Work Flow

Active Work Flow is available for RNA sequence/structure analysis.
You can download the Knime platform and the Active Work Flow for RNA structure predictions.


Ver. 3.4
Ver. 3.0
Project Specific Custom Tracks
Table of custom tracks added by the functional RNA project.
The Contents of Genomes
The Contents of Genomes presents major components of a genome at a glance.
RNA Bibliography
RNA Bibliography hosts a collection of journal articles related to RNAs.

Bioinformatics tools

CentroidFold predicts an RNA secondary structure from an RNA sequence.
Our bioinformatics tools for RNA sequence analysis with web servers and source codes.
Idiographica is a web server for you to create your own idiograms on-demand.

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