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miRNA Target Database

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miRNA target prediction for human, drosophila and zebrafish genomes by using miRanda.
Fromer "microRNA Registry", which is a comprehensive repository for miRNAs and their predicted targets. The target prediction is performed by using miRanda software.
miRNAMap is a genomic maps of microRNA genes and their target genes in mammalian genomes. The target prediction is performed with miRanda.
TarBase is a comprehensive database of experimentally supported animal microRNA targets.
A web server for microInspector that detects miRNA binding sites. No prediction results available.
Micro RNA targets for vertebrates, fly and nematodes are available (no batch download). PicTar on-line service is available. Software is not available for download.
TargetScanS is a software for microRNA targets. Prediction results for human genome are available. No batch download and no software download.
Program source code is available. Web service is available. Perl modules and Java Beans are available. No prediction results available.
miRNA - Target Gene Prediction at EMBL
This website provides access to our 2003 and 2005 miRNA-Target predictions for Drosophila miRNAs with their original experimental method.
DIANA MicroTest
Micro RNA target prediction software provided as a web service. Query (miRNA) and Subject (genes) sequences are required to be input. No software download. No prediction results available.

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